Oh, hi! I’m Emma, a seasoned copywriter and content strategist living in Chicago, Illinois. I started out in the advertising world, working in agencies both big and small across America. Since going freelance, I’ve created brand tones and written content for a range of clients in the advertising, digital and real world. I’m also well versed in SEO, which is always exciting.

So, why hire a copywriter?

Because having a polished and consistent brand tone makes your company stand out from the rest. It makes your consumers not only relate to you, but believe in you. And in the content-heavy world we now live in, having well written words is what makes you a professional, believable and successful brand.

So, why hire me?

When you hire a copywriter, it’s important that they are able to write across a variety of tones – they need to be able to understand and write for your consumer, whoever they are. And I have. I’ve written for moms, biker dudes, tech specialists, frat bros, crafty ladies, glamor-gals, boaters, doctors and construction workers. I’ve also won awards doing it – if that’s your thing. Whether you’re looking for someone to write your brand copy or concept up a creative and cool ad campaign, I’ll make your words shine. More importantly, I will make them resonate with your consumer, whoever they are.


I’ll create an engaging brand tone that resonates with your audience, write it consistently across your platforms and then give you a high-five (if you want one).




Chicago, IL